Kids enter the teen years at break-neck speed and a strong foundation in Christ is crucial. Our Youth Program is designed to help you and your child navigate the road to becoming a teen who honors Christ in everything they do.

We’re passionate about three things: Transformation, relationships and experiential design. They’ll be involved in transformation on many different levels – from worship to being aware of the mission field around them and local outreach opportunities. We’re very aware of how important their relationships are and how they effect their world . We want them to be “experientially” living out their faith as well as learning how to defend it. We want to see teens grow into God honoring, young adults.

NEW FALL 2016!!!

Starting September 11th, 2016 there will be weekly youth group meetings on Sundays from 5pm-7pm.  All teens 9th-12th grade are invited to come!


Sunday School: 10 / 10:45am – Room 110

6th thru 12th Grade – Taught by Tom & Liz Seaborg
During our interactive class, we use video, Bible study and small group discussion to develop your student into a maturing believer.

Sunday Morning Worship: 11am / Noon – Auditorium

6th thru 12th Grade – Led by Pastor O’Neal
Our Jr. and Sr. High Students worship with the adults on Sunday mornings

Sunday Night: 5 / 7pm – Room 110

9th – 12th Grade only – Taught by Yves & Nicole Muvundamina and Tim & Melissa Varisco
During the high schoolers only meeting, this small group time will be devoted to the daily struggles and triumphs teens face in their walk with God.  This informal time includes food, laughter, and faith.

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