When your new favorite restaurant opened in town you told your friends, “You just have to try it!” When that academy-award-winning movie premiered, somebody told you, “You’ve just got to see it!”

Maybe that’s even how you found out about Christ First Baptist Church in Minooka. A friend you trusted said “You’ve just gotta come and see.” And you did or you’re considering it. When you did or when you do, it doesn’t take long to figure out this place is different. Special. A church where you can come just as you are and hear messages that make sense, that you can apply to your life.

You can even use this website as a tool for inviting friends, simply by forwarding them the link to our website or our YouTube Library

So many people are just an invitation away from coming to church and hearing the life changing message of Jesus Christ.  Take a moment and invite one of your neighbors or friends to join us at Christ First this weekend.

Fill out the form below to send an evite.

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