We are well aware that church is about people. The programs (ministries) are the structure that helps us to be effective in ministering to people and our world. We have a wide variety of programs that are age and gender specific at Christ First. You can always find out more information by contacting the church office or checking out the events on our Calendar Page.


No one exists in a bubble. We have a need to connect with others. Having someone around going through the same stage of life and working through similar issues – someone to talk to and rely on can make all the difference in your spiritual life, your marriage and your relationships. We’ve tried to meet this need by putting groups together around a similar age range that can be a network of support and encouragement and a place to study God’s unchanging word and see how something over 2,000 years old can have tremendous relevance to what’s happening in your daily life right now.

College Age | Conference Room

Adults Ages 18 – 24 | Taught by Thomas Neisler
God is raising a generation of college students that can and will make a huge impact on the world for Christ. With this in mind, we seek to equip those in the college ministry by reaching up in worship, reaching in through community and reaching out through local outreach opportunities. Whether you’re new to the area or looking to get plugged in, we’d love to connect with you!

Bold Vision  | Room 115

Married and Single Adults Ages 20 – 50 | Taught by Pastor O’Neal
Sunday School isn’t just for kids! Adults gain an enhanced understanding of spiritual truths and practical life application through an in-depth study of the Bible but that’s just the beginning. Classes organize to pray and care for one another during times of crisis and serve together on projects and outreach endeavors. Most importantly, classes build relationships of encouragement and support.

Rich Heritage | Auditorium

Married and Single Adults Aged 50 + | Taught by Dave Lawson
People are living longer, healthier lives and mature adults can have a profound impact on the faith and character of future generations. They provide leadership, presence, gifts and service in our congregation and communities. They’re encouragers for the younger generation’s walk with Christ. Spiritually mature older adults, aren’t only growing in their own faith, they’re discipling the next generation to have an enormous impact on their world for Jesus Christ.


Men’s Bold Vision | Men ages 24 – 70

Being a Godly man is difficult. Especially in a culture that downplays character and honor and tends to value surface level accomplishments. God intended for us to be strong, courageous men of God – Warriors for Christ. God doesn’t want us to be passive, He doesn’t want us to hide or change the passions and strengths He’s given us. He wants us to stand up for what’s right, lead our families and be examples to those around us.

Our men’s group tries to get together monthly for various fellowship activities such as BBQ’s, camp outs, laser tag, dinners and prayer breakfasts. They do this to encourage each other to become what God intends them to be.

Bold Vision Ladies | Women ages 24 – 45

Finding balance is a challenge. From family commitments to personal relationships, we often find ourselves being stretched-thin, offering only our leftovers to God. Instead, let’s fix our attention on God. Let’s encourage each other to grow through prayer, study, fellowship and sharing life with others as He leads.

The Bold Vision Ladies meet weekly for a Bible Study in Morris on Tuesdays at 10am. They try to meet monthly for activities or dinner at someone’s home. Other times it’s to celebrate a marriage or baby with a shower. The get-togethers are a time for ladies to enjoy fellowship, maintain accountability and create long-lasting friendships.

Rich Heritage Ladies | Women ages 45+

Many times, after children move on or spouses pass away, women can feel left without a purpose or direction. These ladies get together for a weekly Bible study at the church on Thursdays at 10am in room 115.

They encourage each other, continue to build personal relationships with the Lord and enjoy fellowship and intimate relationships  with one another. They also play dominoes and do lunch together now and then. These ladies will give you the tools and encouragement you need to embrace this season of life and become all that God intended you to be.


Get involved in a group…

One of the best ways to meet other people, establish new relationships and grow spiritually is to get involved. Start by joining a Small Group or Sunday School Class that meets weekly where you can enjoy Bible study, prayer and fellowship. We’ve got a place for you! When you come on a Sunday, be sure to stop by the Welcome Center (we call it Guest Central). We can answer any questions you have.

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